How are we doing?

SSD has implemented an enhanced survey process. Technicians can participate after each call to the SSD Hotline. Unlike those impersonal fill-in-the-blank surveys that just ask for a rating, this survey lets techs voice their opinions – literally. We want you to tell us where we are meeting your expectations and where we might need to improve.  

Here's how it works

When a technician calls the Hotline, the greeting will offer an opportunity to participate in the survey after the call is completed.

  • The technician keys in a phone number so that he or she can be contacted for the survey after the technical matter is concluded.
  • Opting in is entirely voluntary; choosing not to participate has no impact on any services. The hotline advisor does not know if a caller “opted in” or not.

Shortly after the hotline call is concluded (typically within 2 minutes), the technician will be called at the number provided.

  • The automated survey will ask a series of questions, including the option for a tech to "voice" their comments.
  • Completing the survey should take only a few brief minutes.